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Empower yourself while you empower students.
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Spedathome SPEED Platform System

Effective Inclusion with SPEED 2.0

Learn the best inclusive practices
All our teacher training and capacity building courses are seamlessly delivered via SPEED 2.0. Help your teachers improve knowledge, skills and develop proactive attitudes for effective inclusion.

What can you expect from our courses?

We help teachers grow as educators through skills and methods that will help them engage actively with their students, and as individuals with self-care and personal growth.
Spedathome teacher training Capacity Building
Structured Programs
Structured programs led by professionally trained facilitators.
Spedathome global experts
Global experts
Interactive and innovative workshops with global experts.
Spedathome consistency
Consistency in learning
Our programs make for a life long learning curve.
Best Practices
Best Inclusive Practices
Learn best and effective practices for special education.
Spedathome speed integration
Engaging and Interactive
Learn with ease and develop your skills the right way.

Short Courses

Extensive Courses

Specialisation Courses