Our assessments include evaluations and interviews that will help us understand your child’s challenges and strengths so we can design sessions that are custom fit to them. Following the evaluation, a complete report will be composed, illustrating potential objectives and guidelines for their therapy interventions.

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Children between the ages 6-13 years

  • With academic difficulties in spelling, reading, writing, math and handwriting
  • Having hyperactivity, challenges with attention and concentration
  • Who are first generation English language learners
  • With learning disabilities, ADD/HD, high performing children on the autism spectrum

  • Add special education, occupational therapy or both to the cart
  • Verify the cart before purchase
  • Online payment
  • You will be directed to a dashboard to schedule your appointment with a special educator first and then an occupational therapist. Please note, a 48-hour gap is required between both appointments

Our experts will assess both your child's core strengths as well as areas that need improvement. Based on the assessment, experts will draw up an Individualised Education Plan which could include exclusive coaching in the areas of numeracy and literacy or occupational therapy. In some cases, experts may feel that a combination approach will work better in helping the child achieve integrated learning through cognitive intelligence.

  • A steady internet connection on your mobile/tablet/laptop
  • A quiet corner where your child can attend their sessions without distractions
  • Basic stationery
  • Printer (preferable)

The assessment reports will have the following

  1. Child’s profile: An overview of the child’s academic, behavioural, cognitive, developmental, and emotional issues
  2. Remedial report:
    • Literacy – gives a clear understanding of the strengths and deficits of the child in reading, reading comprehension, reading fluency, spelling, grammar for English and issues with writing and handwriting
    • Numeracy – gives an overview of the functional proficiency of the child in areas of broad math, number sense, number operations, measurement, algebra, geometry and data handling
  3. Occupational therapy report: The most common areas covered and reported in this assessment include:
    • Sensory
    • Perception
    • Gross motor skills
    • Fine motor skills
    • Cognition
    • Social skills
    • Activities of daily living and play

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