Occupational Therapy Vs Remedial Therapy


Occupational Therapy Vs Remedial Therapy: Before committing your child to therapy, it is essential to understand which one is best suited for them. Today, we are going to take you through the benefits of Occupational and Remedial therapies to help you make the right choice. Both are unique kinds of intervention meant to assist in different areas of development. Sometimes used independently, and also in combination to derive the best results.

Let’s start by understanding what is Occupational Therapy. Occupational Therapy helps people do things through use of daily activities or occupations, throughout their lives. Occupational therapists help support people from all age-groups to live wholesome lives while overcoming challenges like injuries, illnesses, or difficulties.

Occupational Therapy Vs Remedial Therapy

Remedial Therapy is a multi-factor approach revolving around one-to-one instructions, written and verbal work, and virtual assignments that focus on skill-development. It uses behavioral teaching techniques, and instructions to enhance the foundational skills, literacy and numeracy, of a child.

Occupational Therapy is designed for those children/adults with physical, sensory, and cognitive disabilities like ADHD, Autism, and Down Syndrome, to name a few. Typically, an Occupational Therapist evaluates if a child’s learning and playing abilities are appropriate for their age. If not, they designed a therapy plan that includes a varied set of activities that help the child’s development.

Remedial Therapy on the other hand, helps students with learning disabilities due to conditions like ADD, ADHD, Dyslexia, and Dyscalculia. A Remedial Therapist analyses a child’s performance and work on their learning abilities, cognitive flexibility, behavioral responses, hyperactivity, etc., with scientifically designed therapy sessions and activities.

Benefits of Occupational & Remedial Therapy

One of the most important benefits of Occupational Therapy is the improvement and enhancement of a child’s abilities to overcome difficulties. Occupational Therapy ensures that the child is comfortable at home by empowering their families with the required tools that help them manage the child’s triggers. Occupational Therapy also provides a secure environment for children struggling with simple chores of life.

Remedial Therapy helps children overcome learning disabilities and become better at skills like language, maths, etc., which leads to beter outcomes in the area of academics. This helps children bolster their confidence and socialize with their peers.

It is often observed that when learning disabilities are not detected in time, it leads to a feeling of dejection and hopelessness in children. This lack of achievement further aggravates and manifests into them getting labeled problematic, or lazy. Hence, it is very important that a child gets the support and attention that is required to thrive in their growing, impressionable years.

If you are looking for the right support for your child’s development, you are not alone. You can get your child assessed by experts who can then suggest the right therapy for your child. They can help with tailoring a customized plan specific to your child’s needs so they get the right kind of environment to grow, thrive, and excel in life. Every child is unique and with a little nudge, they can go places.