Online Remediation and Therapy for children with special needs


When children are unable to keep up with their expected learning curve, their core academics are adversely affected. In such times, these children are given a compensatory education assist. This is known as developmental Education, or commonly known as Remedial education. This helps them keep pace with their core academic skills – literacy and numeracy.


While remedial education is an appropriate measure to help your child, it is important to understand the right approach towards it. Before entering such programs, it is (highly) recommended to get an assessment. An assessment that identifies the proficiency of your child’s foundational literacy and numeracy skills. This helps mark the right start point for your child’s development education.
SpEd@home is acing in the areas of pre-therapy assessment with their latest innovative SPEED 2.0 platform. While a traditional assessment takes hours or even days to provide the right reports, SpEd@home’s solution provides the same within an hour. Additionally, it refers to various reading and combinations to provide an in-depth understanding towards your child’s proficiency. As of now, SpEd@home provides two kinds of Assessments – Educational and Occupational Therapy.

Post Assessment

Following a proper assessment, our experts design a bespoke development plan for your child. It isn’t a one size fits all, a custom plan ensures the appropriate learning outcomes. Development mainly involves Therapy. Therapy is a one-to-one program by the Special Educator to the cild with differential needs.

Therapy for differential needs

Remedial Therapy and Occupational Therapy are two of the most sort kinds of therapy. Also, educational therapy is a general term for when an educator works one-on-one with your child, typically outside of school. Tutions have been the only out of school educational development programs that parents have put their children too. However, now, many parents globally have started to accept and take up home schooling for remedial education and therapy for their children with special needs. The idea is to let children explore, away from the textbooks. Learning the subjects with things they like, for example butterflies, robotics, or cars, makes it easier for children to grasp what is being taught.

It is important for children to have a multi-sensory learning environment. Such an environment has positive effects for special needs children. Remediation and Occupational therapy allow children to start from their short falls and improve on each one by one.

Online mode

The online mode of education has turned out to be easily accessible, affordable, and flexible. The benefits are immense, especially in the field of special education. Special education does have a special status but due to lack of awareness and access to resources, children have suffered. Also, the acceptance is also an alarming concern. With everything managed online, it is easy to reach the masses, spread the message through engaging content, and reach the ones in need. A blended learning platform that combines an offline product with an online delivery platform makes special education (more) effective. Children can get in touch with their teachers, and special educators on the go. Therapy is in their reach and affordable too.