Our experts will establish the core strengths of your child and the areas where improvement is necessary. Based on the assessment, experts will draw up an Individualised Education Plan Each Individual Education Plan is designed based on our assessment of your child’s developmental stage and proficiency rather than their school grade. This ensures that the child is able to build on a strong foundation.

What it entails

  • Creating an Individualised Education Plan for your child
  • English Language and Math programs curated to meet the proficiency level of the child
  • A multi-sensory online approach defined to meet the learning style of the child
  • One-on-one coaching of 40 mins to an hour, with the child
  • Assignments

Vacation Plans

Who can buy this?

  • For children with existing educational plans and looking to ensure continued support while they are travelling or have limited connectivity can opt for these plans
  • Children who learn by rote learning and require continued support
  • Children at risk of regression (children who may risk forgetting concepts from a prolonged break)

What is included?

  • Lite Version: Three worksheets a day. Approximately 30 mins of work for the child
  • Standard Version: Five worksheets a day. Approximately 60 mins of work for the child


  • Based on the level of independence of the child, parental involvement maybe required on case-to-case basis
  • All sessions purchased are exclusively for the registered user and not transferable. However, parents can increase the number of sessions at any given point

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