Transforming traditional resource room practices with educational technologies.
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What is a SPEEDY Lab?

Traditional Resource Room, Redefined.
Every school needs a Resource Room set up to manage students with differential needs. Running this setup comes with its unique challenges like – availability of space, special educators, equipment, etc. With SPEEDY Labs, we provide a complete Resource Room solution, and we make it fun!

SPEEDY Labs – Resource Room, Redefined

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Every school compatible
SPEEDY Labs can be set up in any and every school.
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Seamless Integration in to school system
SPEEDY Labs can be integrated to any Learning Management System.
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Easy-to-set up
Our SPEEDY Labs is a snap-fit and can be set up in regular classrooms.
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We provide all the equipment required to manage students with differential needs.
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Educators & Therapists
Our experts will support the SPEEDY Labs to help teachers learn the best inclusive practices.
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365 Days Support
Schools and students supported through out the year, regardless of vacation or holidays.
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SpEdathome Resource Room Program Connected
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SPEEDY Labs is underpinned by an innovative Learning Management System.
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Mobile/Web Application
Our assistive technologies make learning fun!
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Network of Global Experts
We infuse the best global practices to ensure effective inclusion.
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Capacity Building
Our experts will train teachers for effective teaching at the resource rooms.
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Inclusive Practices
Understanding inclusive practices benefit all students, regardless if they have additional needs.
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Interactive Teaching Strategies
We provide engaging and interactive teaching strategies to ensure a fun learning environment for all student.
Spedathome SPEED Platform System

Adding SPEED 2.0 to Resource Rooms

SPEEDY Labs reinvent the traditional resource rooms with innovative technology and learning strategies. Our Learning Management System – SPEED 2.0 ensures the delivery of special education solutions to schools.


SPEEDY Labs empowers your Resource Room to help students make more of their world.
Dedicated Team
Special Educators, Experts, and Therapists, for all-inclusive support
Combination of Remedial & Occupational Therapy sessions
Multiple Sessions
Over 80 sessions provided to each student as per expert recommendation
Blended Learning
Online as well as Offline sessions for students and teachers
Teacher Training
Teachers will learn best inclusion practices for effective teaching

How do your students benefit?

SPEEDY Labs can be setup in normal classrooms. It transforms the regular classrooms into a dedicated and enhanced resource rooms for students. This dedicated space will be equipped with all the necessary tools and equipment that are required for skill development, assessment, and therapy programs.

How do your teachers benefit?

SPEEDY Labs has solution for all of its users and stake holders – schools, teachers, parents, and students. For teachers, SPEEDY Labs offers training programs that will help them not only be a professional but also give them an opportunity to make a difference in the lives of students. Teachers can build themselves under the guidance of acclaimed experts and enhance their skills and teaching talent. At the moment, there is a scarcity of educators, their ratio to the number of students in need is of great concern.