SpEdathome Resource Room Program Inclusion Ready National Education Policy SpEdathome Resource Room Program Inclusion Ready National Education Policy


Online Program for effective inclusion
Transforming traditional resource room practices with educational technologies.

How does your school benefit?

SpEdathome Resource Room Program 5cs
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National Educational Policy 2020
Our program is compliant with National Educational Policy 2020.
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Become Inclusion Ready
We provide all support and equipment for you to become Inclusion ready.
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Stay Updated
Our Resource Room Program is future-proof and adaptable.
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Online Program
Our program redefines traditional resource room with education technologies.
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Mobile Application
Access to Resource Room at your finger tips.
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365 Days Support
Schools and students supported through out the year, regardless of vacation or holidays.
School Resource Room
SpEdathome Resource Room Program Connected
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Blended Learning
Along with the online program, our experts will also visit schools for support.
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No Pre-recorded Sessions
Over 400 real-time sessions will be provided to students.
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Dedicated Experts
Our team of Experts, Therapists, and Special Educators will support throughout the year.
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Capacity Building
Our experts will train teachers for effective teaching at the resource rooms.
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Inclusive Practices
Understanding inclusive practices benefit all students, regardless if they have additional needs.
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Interactive Teaching Strategies
We provide engaging and interactive teaching strategies to ensure a fun learning environment for all student.
SpEdathome Resource Room Program Cost effective
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No Physical Rooms
No additional investment required to create a physical space for a resource room.
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No Additional Equipment
We provide all the necessary equipment for the resource room.
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Dedicated Workforce By SpEd@home
Our experts, special educators provide for all the solutions required.


Our Online Resource Room is a complete solution to make your school Inclusion Ready
Dedicated Team
Special Educators, Experts, and Therapists, for all-inclusive support
Combination of Remedial & Occupational Therapy sessions
Multiple Sessions
Over 80 sessions provided to each student as per expert recommendation
Blended Learning
Online as well as Offline sessions for students and teachers
Teacher Training
Teachers will learn best inclusion practices for effective teaching

Our principles

Diverse & Adaptable

Diverse Classrooms
Diversity enriches and strengthens education, brings experiences from all walks of life.
Unique Learners & Teachers
Every student is a unique learner, and every teacher needs to widen their horizon create the best learning curve.
Personalized Curriculum
A bespoke curriculum based on specific needs optimizes opportunities for both, teachers and students.

Student Engagement

Understanding Perspective
Ensures a meaningful contribution to their schooling and educational experience, and improves student participation.
Developing Bonds
Active interaction with students enables belief in students’ capabilities, and develops relationship of trust and respect.
Platform for their Voice
When students are given a platform to share their voice, schools gain insider knowledge and better understand the student experience.

Capacity Building for Critical Stakeholders

An inclusive education is one where all students of all capabilities have the opportunity to grow and learn.
Parents need to be given access to accurate information on their child’s performance and improvement metrics.
Teachers & Schools
Our capacity building program trains teachers the best resource room and inclusion practices. Enabling schools to become inclusion ready.