Educational Assessment

Educational Assessment

Have your child assessed for their strengths and challenges to build a customised learning plan.

Occupational Therapy Assessment

Occupational Therapy Assessment

Occupational therapy addresses physical, social, educational, and organizational deficits.

Remedial Coaching for Kids

Remedial Coaching

English and Math programs curated for your child’s proficiency level.

Occupational therapy for kids

Occupational Therapy

Activities to work on fine motor skills, visual-perceptual skills, attention and organization.

Speech therapy for kids

Speech Therapy

Techniques to support any communication issues caused by difficulty with articulation, flow or fluency.

Group Sessions for kids

Group Sessions

Group sessions help in identifying social abilities and improve team play.

Socio emotional learning for kids

Socio Emotional Learning

Help your child build social and emotional skills and become a better problem solver.

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