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What is SpEd@home?

SpEd@home is an edtech innovation that brings special education products and services to your home. Founder – Dr. Dhaval Mody and co- founders – Supriya Das and Aysel Engineer, each contribute decades of field experience to ensure better access to integrated therapies required for children with special needs. Along with a dedicated workforce of Therapists, Special Educators, and Experts from the domain, SpEd@home provides children-focused services like – Occupational Therapy, Remedial Therapy, Proficiency Assessments, and much more. All of these expert services are delivered to your handheld devices with an innovative Learning Management System – SPEED 2.0.

Our Special Education Solutions – For Children

Online Assessment For Children (Age 6 to 13)

Our assessments evaluates your child’s proficiency & difficulties, helps design the best learning strategies for them.

Online Therapy For Children (Age 6 to 13)

Remedial Therapy & Occupational Therapy can help manage Learning Disabilities, Autism Spectrum Disorder, and Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder.

Summer Programs

Online Skill Development Programs (Age 6 to 13)

Our summer programs are a great way to keep your children engaged in fun activities and games while they improve their skills.
Spedathome SPEED Platform System
Introducing our Learning Management System

Learn with SPEED 2.0

Therapy & Assessment delivered online
Our SPEED 2.0 platform is dedicated to provide easy access and delivery of SPECIAL EDUCATION. As most centres are offline, expensive, and provide non-integrated services, SpEd@home’s education technology brings the right blend to the world of special education with online support, a multi-sensory approach, and expert assistance on the go.
Dr Dhaval Mody Spedathome Occupational Therapy Remedial

Seamless Delivery with SPEED 2.0

Dr. Dhaval Mody, Founder & CEO, SpEd@home

SPEED 2.0 platform paves way for seamless delivery of special education. An end-to-end solution for children with differential needs, their parents, teachers, and schools, across the globe. The delivery of assessment, therapy, and education modules is now simplified, helping accelerate the learning process without resistance created by human errors or institutional dependency. We have created an ecosystem that delivers Scientific solution in real-time.

Dr Dhaval Mody Spedathome Occupational Therapy Remedial

Innovation and SPEED 2.0


Spedathome SPEED Global
Global network
Over 200 Experts
SpEdathome SPEED Live sessions
LIVE Sessions
No Recorded Videos
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Mobile/Web app
Based on Web 2.0
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4x Faster
Quick Assessments
SPedathome Multisensory
Whole Brain Learning
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Blended Learning
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AI Based
Program Curation
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Accurate & Fast
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Motivated Learning
Spedathome speed integration
Seamless Integration

Make your school inclusion-ready

Special Education Solutions for Schools

Our services are NEP 2020 Compliant, and provide end-to-end services to make your school inclusion-ready.

Speeding Impact, Globally.

We have deployed, SPEED 2.0, our innovative technology with automation to create a self-paced program for language, maths, and occupational therapy. With our approach, we can reach any child across the globe and provide them with the necessary support at their convenience.

Why SpEd@home?

Child Centric
One-to-One Sessions
We believe in providing individual attention to each and every child for effective learning.
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Engaging Experience with SPEED 2.0 Platform
Our customised sessions adapt to a child’s individual learning style and preferences.
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Right Environment & Opportunity
Children learn best when their natural abilities get the right direction and motivation.
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Attention to Proficiency
We understand every child is unique and needs unique solutions for effective learning.
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Evidence Based Methods
Our methodologies are backed by in-depth research and scientifically proven methods.
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Experts & Special Educators
Our expert panel is dedicated to deliver effective and engaging sessions and bring out the best.
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Test Proven Plans
Our service plans are designed by highly experienced experts from the field of special education.
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Standardised processes
All our Services and Processes are standardised to ensure quality education at all levels.
Success Oriented
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Adaptive Programs
Our Programs are adapted and aligned to the proficiency of your child to ensure seamless growth.
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In-depth Understanding
We do an in-depth examination of a child’s life along with their parents to ensure appropriate solution.
Parent-Led Coaching
We encourage parent-led coaching to ensure effective learning outside SpEd@home sessions.
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Process Driven Therapy
Our process driven therapy enables each child to work independently and unassisted.