Explained – Different Types of Blended Learning


Technology has steadily taken over every industry and it was only a matter of time before it reached the education sector. Today, learning is no longer restricted to physical classrooms. Online learning has gained popularity thanks to the pandemic and the flexibility of its execution. When online learning and traditional classroom learning come together, it is called Blended Learning- a platform that combined the attributes of both programs to create an effective learning style.

SpEd@home is India’s first ever blended learning platform for children with special needs. Our innovative technological solutions use various kinds of blended learning tools to ensure a seamless delivery of education to children with differential needs.

Let’s take a look at the different kinds of Blended Learning here:

Rotation Blended Learning

Rotation Blended Learning is where students rotate between traditional teacher training and online learning on a schedule determined by the teacher. These are further divided into station rotation or lab rotation. As the names suggest, students rotate between stations or labs for improved engagement and access to online leaning. As long as one group is engaged in online learning, teachers can focus traditional classroom learning on the other smaller group.

Flipped Blended Learning

Flipped Blended Learning is a program where the roles of a classroom and home is reversed. Instead of the usual training in school and homework at home, here the learning happens at home through online models and the assignments are carried out in classrooms under the guidance of a teacher.

Flex-Blended Learning

Flex Blended Learning is where students receive all course information online but the teaching is done in traditional learning classrooms. Here learning is carried out online and teachers are available to discuss and doubts in smaller groups. In Flex-Blended classrooms, teachers are guides rather than primary learning sources.

 Enriched Virtual Blended Learning

Enriched Virtual Blended Learning is where the course is entirely taught online and students can choose if they want teacher guidance. This program doesn’t require teachers to be constantly present and all the learning and assignments here are done using online material.

It should be noted that there is no specific form of Blended Learning. This concept can be customized to suit the requirements of both teachers and students.