Jargon Busters | Special Education – Part 1


Let’s decode the complicated jargon from the world of special education. As a front runner in the field of special education, we aim to simplify the process and access to acquiring information regarding special education. Here’s part 1!

1. SpEd@home

It is a proper noun and a portmanteau* of Special Education at Home. SpEd@home is an ed-tech company that aims to redefine the world of special education with innovative technologies and solution. Their tagline is – Every Child EnABLED.


  • India’s First Blended Learning Platform for children with special needs.
  • Their services include
    • Educational Assessment
    • Occupational Therapy Assessment
    • Occupational Therapy
    • Remedial Therapy
    • School Resource Room

(*portmanteau words are a blend of two or more words)

2. Special Education

Special education is an independent education method used to empower and enable children with differential needs. It uses systematic planning and arrangement of special courses and syllabus that helps children to overcome their disabilities or learning difficulties. As per National Education Policy 2020, every school needs to be equipped with all the resources and equipment to manage and educate special needs children. Schools needs to employ a certain number of special educators and also a dedicated resource room.

Alternate words – Aided education, Differential Education, Accommodated Education, etc.

3. Differential Needs

Children with learning difficulties, communication disorders, physical disabilities, are regarded as children with differential needs. Sometimes children may show intelligence at par with their peers, however, when it comes to academics, sports, to any other activities, their performance may show a different picture. They not only face difficulties with performing but also face tremendous challenges with learning the basics. Such children need therapy programs like Occupational Therapy and Remedial Therapy for their effective development.

Some Examples of Special Needs Children

  • Autism
  • ADHD
  • Dyslexia
  • Dysgraphia
  • Dyspraxia
  • Cognitive Disorders
  • Socio-Emotional Disorders

Alternate words – Special needs, Exceptional needs.

4. Occupational Therapy

Some children are unable to perform the basic survival activities. They face difficulties in doing day-to-day tasks and need constant support and assistance. This inability can lead to various physical and emotional difficulties in life. These children have a tough academic and social life. This is where Occupational Therapy comes to play.

Occupation means the act of doing something, carrying out a task. And Therapy – a treatment intended to heal, improve, or channelize an ongoing situation. Occupational Therapy is the treatment to improve and heal one’s ability to do tasks.

Occupational Therapy can help children become independent and perform tasks on their own. Though the improvement can vary from individual to individual, it can still bring a positive change when done consistently.

5. Remedial Therapy

Remedial means the act helping or giving a remedy over a situation. It is aimed at improving or correcting a situation. And as we understood before, therapy is a treatment intended to improve or heal. and in combination, Remedial Therapy is aimed at helping children with learning difficulties. Remedial Therapy helps children improve their performance and achieve increased level of efficiency.