Learning Disability in Children: How teachers can help?


A learning disability diagnosis is a clear indicator that a child may not be able to learn in the same way as other students in the classroom. However, with inclusive education becoming the new norm, teachers are interacting a lot more with children with special needs.

There are several learning disability activity ideas and tools that can help a teacher empower a student with LD to cope in the classroom.

Be specific

When giving an assignment, general statements like ‘do well’ are not helpful for an LD child. Instead, create specific instructions for evaluation parameters. For instance, if it’s a math assignment, be clear on the aspects they will be judged on such as showing the work, writing the formula used etc. Also, post a copy of this on the school website or provide a printout of the instructions that a child (or parent) can refer to later.

Use media to illustrate content

Constant verbal or written instruction may be difficult for a student to follow in the classroom. Supplement your teaching with the use of visual aids such as charts, pictures, videos, graphics etc. Make them colourful, simple and organized. This will help a child with learning disability learn the material while also benefitting the rest of the class.

Break down instructions

Multiple directions at the same time can overwhelm a student with a learning disability. Instead, break down the instructions into simple steps and communicate them one at a time. One strategy that works is having the student repeat the instruction to ensure they have understood it. When it comes to instructions or behaviours that are required recurrently, print them out and put them up in the class. Check in with the student that they understand and remember these instructions.

Most classroom teaching can be adapted to help learning disability students in better understanding the subject matter. In case you are a teacher wondering when it comes to a learning disability, how to help? Make use of these strategies and more available online to improve the overall quality of work in the classroom.