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What is SpEd@school?

Empowering schools and educators with solutions to manage students with differential needs.
SpEd@school is a robust ecosystem of special education solutions for schools, their teachers, and students with special needs. This ecosystem can help identify and manage students with special needs with an AI-based Learning Management System – SPEED 2.0. We train teachers and educators to develop the right skills required to effectively foster the teaching and learning of students with additional requisites.We have also redesigned the traditional resource rooms practices with innovative technologies, scientifically designed activities, bespoke equipment, and much more. We call it SPEEDY Labs.

Make your school inclusion-ready with SpEd@school

Screening & Assessment for Early Identification & Intervention

All disability conditions are not visibly identifiable, therefore we designed our Learning Management System – SPEED 2.0, to help identify such learning disabilities and difficulties faced by students. Schools can opt for a preliminary screening or an in-depth assessment for one student or the whole school.

Teacher Training & Capacity Building

Effective learning needs effective teaching. Our programs for teachers and educators help them improve knowledge, skills and develop proactive attitudes for effective inclusion. Teaching and managing students with special needs come with unique challenges and it is of utmost importance that the teachers or educators are equipped with all the knowledge and skill required for effective inclusive practices.


SPEEDY Labs – Innovative Resource Room Solution

If your school needs an full-fledged resource room then SPEEDY Labs is here for you!SPEEDY Labs redefine the traditional setup of resource room with assistive technology and modern equipment. Student will not only learn their ways of education but also explore their potential to make more of their world.

Powered by SPEED 2.0

Learning Management System

Spedathome SPEED Platform System

Teach & Learn with SPEED 2.0

SPEED 2.0 India’s first blended Teaching & Learning platform for special educators and students with differential needs. It can screen and assess invisible disabilities in children and can help develop a bespoke learning strategy and effective development plan. Teachers and special educators can improve their skills with our capacity building programs through SPEED 2.0.