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with the All-New SPEED 2.1
Discover your pathway to personalized education with SPEED 2.1, where Science and Learning converge to create a transformative experience. Our seamless integration of scientific insights and educational principles ensures that each child receives the tailored support they need to thrive academically and personally.
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Neurodiverse Learning Hub

From Adaptive Learning Modules to Personalised Insights
Discover a comprehensive suite of products and services within the SPEED 2.1 Learning Management System (LMS) Ecosystem, offering adaptive learning modules tailored to diverse needs and insights to optimize learning experiences for neurodiverse children.
SpEd@home - Speedig impact global solution

Speeding Impact, Globally.

We are revolutionizing special education by providing tailored solutions to children with special needs. Through their online platform, they are bridging the gap between educators, therapists, and families, empowering children to reach their full potential. Their impactful approach is transforming lives and fostering inclusive education for all.
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SpEd@home - Speedig impact global solution
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Schools are implementing our innovative Learning Management System which is helping them effective manage students who have learning difficulties. At the same time, their teacher have the opportunity for capacity building.

The Next Gen Learning Management System

Empowering schools for effective inclusion
A robust ecosystem of special education solutions for schools, teachers, and students with differential learning needs.
Effective Online Solutions

For students Age 6 to 13 years

with Invisible disabilities
Understand students, understand the child, understand their needs. They may be special, differential, or magical, for one and for all – Equitable education opportunities is the way forward.
Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder – Issues with controlling behavior.
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Autism Spectrum Disorder – Sensory sensitivities and challenges.
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Learning Difficulties – Challenges with information processing understanding.
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Socio-Emotional Learning – Difficulty managing emotions and regulating behavior.
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From our Founder

Democratizing Special Education

Dr. Dhaval Mody, Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist
With over 20,000 man-hours put together, we have built an innovative and efficient learning management ecosystem – SPEED 2.0. Besides being an excellent learning system for students, this platform also proves to be an effective education delivery platform for students, teachers, educators and schools.
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