SpEd@home Introduces All-New Learning Management System – SPEED 2.0 Platform


SpEd@home Introduces All-New Learning Management System – SPEED 2.0 Platform

  • SpEd@home completes two years in the field of special education.
  • Introduces all-new SPEED 2.0 platform for delivery of special education solutions.
  • Supports schools with Online resource room, teacher training program.
  • Aims to make schools inclusion-ready, NEP 2020 compliant – #iforinclusion

Mumbai: On the occasion of second anniversary, SpEd@home introduces their all-new learning management system, SPEED 2.0 Platform. It is a AI-based platform that makes special education solutions accessible and affordable. It can comprehensively manage any child with special needs between the ages of 6-13 years, with Autism Spectrum Disorder, Learning Disabilities, ADHD, etc.

It is designed to help children with special needs achieve foundational literacy and numeracy. This ensures an effective improvement curve in their academics. SPEED 2.0 ensures that children are provided services as per their specific needs.

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Unique features of the SPEED 2.0 platform

  • Identifies the competency of the child.
  • Identifies the gaps in the achievement of the foundational literacy and numeracy of the child.
  • SPEED 2.0 can deliver assessments way faster than traditional assessment tools. Assessment is an important step before initiating any therapy program.
  • Curates an individualised, tailored customized program for every child.
  • Provides Multi-sensory Environment.
  • Engaging and Interactive Worksheets.
  • LIVE sessions with Experts, therapists, Special Educators.

SpEd@home is providing a free introductory demo of the SPEED 2.0 platform – www.spedathome.com

As the child progresses through SPEED 2.0, its level of compliance, independence and achievements improve. The learning process gets extremely engaging and intuitive and ensures that the children are engaged with us at all times. In fact, we see that the children are 10x times more engaged while they work with SpEd@home.


Dr. Dhaval Mody, Founder & CEO, SpEd@home, said, “ We have seen that every child learns differently, a child may be a visual learner, auditory learner, or kinaesthetic learner. A multi-sensory environment has been provided within the application to ensure it meets the requirement of every child. Rich media content makes sessions most engaging. Post sessions, downloadable worksheets can be downloaded by parents and the child can work on it. Similarly, we provide them with a live worksheet which is interactive. They can either access it on their mobile or on their laptops ensuring they are engaged and are getting adequate practice. The Speed platform not just manages the customised pathways of the child but also tracks his learning curve.”


Supriya Das, Co-founder, SpEd@home, added, “Having worked in the field for more than 28 years, we were able to get support from experts and we built our version 1.0. Soon we realized the difficulties in scalability in terms of the time taken by the application, and engagement available for the child. We, therefore, devised SPEED 2.0. This is a global revolutionary product which will democratise education and ensure better access to special education globally.”

Speaking of the SPEED 2.0 Platform, Aysel Engineer, Co-Founder – SpEd@home, expressed, “SPEED 2.0 Platform has proven to be a robust delivery platform for special education solutions. Along with a seamless learning experience, SPEED 2.0 is also fast and effective when it comes to results and reports. Assessments through this platform are delivered within an hour, 30 minutes – to be precise. For therapy, SPEED 2.0 allows us to keep the activities engaging and interactive. Children are going to enjoy their experience with SPEED. This platform is also effective in teacher training as well as providing an online Resource Room for schools. We are soon to add more features to this platform, making it a one-stop solution for all special education solutions.


About SpEd@home:

SpEd@home is a Mumbai-based edtech startup that brings special education products and services to your home. The name is a portmanteau of – Special Education at home. It provides services to children from age 6 to 13, with Autism Spectrum Disorder, Learning Disabilities, ADHD, etc.

Founder – Dr. Dhaval Mody and co-founders – Supriya Das and Aysel Engineer, each contribute over two decades of field experience to ensure better access to integrated therapies required for children with special needs. These special education solutions are delivered by their indigenously developed mobile/web application. This application connects the user to a global network of therapists, special educators, and experts. It also features a teacher training and a capacity building program that can help schools become inclusion-ready.

SpEd@home – Every Child EnABLED.

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