Therapy Dogs!


Therapy dogs are emotional support animals. Dogs can be trained to provide emotional support especially during vulnerable moments. These dogs live with the patients requiring their support whether it is in their homes or in centers like nursing homes, schools, and hospitals. They are trained to be gentle and friendly at all times and are always on the alert to identify any signs of strain or panic in their human so that they can provide necessary comfort.

Therapy Dogs are not the same as Service Dogs. Service Dogs are trained to perform tasks for their owners and receive activities-oriented training which help their owners to cope with their disabilities. These dogs also serve as companions to their owners when they are in public places.

Therapy Dogs on the other hand, play the role of comfort pets. They support their owner’s mental health and provide them with therapeutic benefits. Their cute antics and unconditional love make them excellent therapy partners.  Therapy Dogs can help boost mental and emotional health. They are a chosen way of therapy for many patients diagnosed with several mental issues like Bipolar Disorder, ADHD, PTSD, and Alzheimer’s. It has also been observed that emotional challengers that arise due to physical issues can be better dealt with the help of Therapy Dogs.

Patients recovering from accidents or invasive surgeries are known to deal with pain better too. Dogs like Golden Retrievers, poodles, and Labradors are majorly used as Therapy Dogs. Other breeds like Pomeranians are also considered when the living space isn’t good enough for large dogs.

Therapy Dogs are a great way to ensure emotional support when it comes to mental conditions like severe anxiety too. It is a great way forward for those seeking comfort that is easily available during moments of intense pressures. You can learn about Therapy Dogs and visit local shelters to find one you can train and bring home.