Transforming Special Education with Brand SpEd@home, for 3 Years and Beyond


Mumbai, 25th September 2023 – Vrudhi Ed-tech, a trailblazer in the field of special education, proudly celebrates three years of dedicated service. In this time, the company has not only changed the lives of thousands of children with differential needs but has also forged impactful partnerships and collaborations that extend its reach far beyond India’s borders.

Brand SpEd@home

Designed and developed to empower children aged 6 to 13 with ADHD, Autism, and Learning Disabilities. Our online special education solutions offer a comprehensive suite of services, including Educational Assessment, Occupational Therapy Assessment, Occupational Therapy, Remedial Therapy, and Skill Development Programs. With a team of experts and tailor-made programs, we unlock the full potential of every child, fostering their growth, confidence, and academic success. At SpEd@home, we believe that every child deserves an equal opportunity to thrive, learn, and excel in a supportive and inclusive educational environment.

Addressing a Critical Need

The COVID-19 pandemic ushered in a new era of online education, but it also unveiled the unique challenges faced by children with differential needs. Traditional one-size-fits-all approaches fell short of meeting their requirements. Vrudhi Ed-tech recognized this gap and stepped up with a pioneering solution – SPEED 2.0.

A Solution Rooted in Innovation

SPEED 2.0 is not just a Learning Management System (LMS); it’s a groundbreaking platform that integrates medical science into education. This innovative approach destigmatizes learning differences and provides children with the support they need, conveniently delivered to their homes and schools.

3 Years All Impact

In three years, Vrudhi Edtech has made a profound impact:

  • 6,000+ Children Served: Over 6,000 children with differential needs have benefited from Vrudhi Edtech’s services.
  • 2,000+ Teachers Trained: Empowering teachers is central to Vrudhi Edtech’s mission. Over 2,000 educators have received training to better support their students.
  • 30+ Partner Schools: The company has partnered with more than 30 schools, including underserved regions in India.
  • Global Reach: Vrudhi Edtech has expanded its footprint beyond India, entering partnerships in Dubai, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and Oman.

Successful Partnerships and Collaborations

Vrudhi Edtech has solidified partnerships with esteemed institutions, including Missouri State University, Hashu Advani College of Special Education at the University of Mumbai, and the Rotary Club of Mumbai Airport. These collaborations have enriched its expertise and expanded its network.

Financial Milestones

The journey to impact has been supported by financial milestones, including raising USD 450,000 in July 2021 and securing USD 375K through Science and Technology Park, Pune, via SEED Fund India.

The Road Ahead

Vrudhi Edtech’s mission is far from complete. The company envisions continued growth and transformation, touching the lives of more children, parents, and educators. The future holds the promise of even more impactful partnerships and innovative solutions. As we move forward, our vision extends to scaling our impact across geographies, making quality education accessible to children worldwide. While the SPEED 2.0 platform is curriculum agnostic, we are committed to enhancing it further. We are actively working on a language-agnostic model to ensure that language barriers don’t hinder children from receiving the much-needed support they deserve.

Join Us in Our Mission

We invite you, our readers, to join us in our mission to make education inclusive and empowering for all. Whether you’re an investor looking to make a social impact, an edtech enthusiast, or a potential collaborator, we welcome you to be part of the change.

Together, we can ensure that every child has access to the education they deserve, regardless of their unique needs. Let’s collaborate, innovate, and transform the future of special education. Contact us today to explore opportunities for partnership and collaboration.

Vrudhi Edtech celebrates three years of remarkable service, it underscores the incredible journey and unwavering commitment to leaving no child behind on the path to success.


For media inquiries or more information, contact:

Dr. Dhaval Mody

CEO, Founder – SpEd@home

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