Handwriting Improvement

Our Interactive Handwriting Improvement Program is a scientifically researched program designed by our team of experts. It is fun and will ensure that our child enjoys writing to the fullest. Developing on this, there will be a boost in their self-confidence and presentation skills.


Age Group
6 to 13 years
6 weeks
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Letters on line!
Improve writing legibility and speed, and fine motor skills.
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Program Overview

Letters on line Handwriting Program features a host of fun activities to keep your child motivated. These activities enhance cognitive development of the child along with fine motor and visual motor coordination which will inspire a willingness to write in children.
Improve Writing Legibility and Speed

Build on the basics of writing neat and clear. Enhance on the legibility quotient while speeding up with the letters.
Improve Fine Motor Skills

Write effectively by tuning your fine motor skills and combine it with visual motor skills to create a beautiful handwriting.
Increase concentration, focus and memory

Activities to build focus and memory for a better understanding of letters, lines, and formation.
Tap into his/her creativity

Handwriting is a form of a mediation that can help explore creative avenues of this skill.
Improve Spelling Ability

Visual perceptual skills help with understanding the decorative bits as well as understanding the written letters, words, and its formations.
Ease of learning Improved standing grades

Our stress-free and no tears activities are surely to inspire your child to achieve an improved handwriting bringing an overall change in their academic performance.


Letters On Line

Handwriting is a form of a self-expression. Every individual’s handwriting is unique and different. It is also a major part of one’s personality and self-expression. Everyone has their own distinctive style of handwriting; right from personal signature to day-to-day autography.SpEd@Home’s Handwriting Improvement Program focuses on two age groups – ages 6 to 8 & 9 to 13. For both groups, the teaching approach is distinct, therefore understanding their needs better.Handwriting trouble can show up as early as preschool, when kids learn to grasp a crayon to draw. And for some people, the difficulty lasts into adulthood. For kids in school, trouble with handwriting can really get in the way of learning. When kids have trouble with handwriting, it doesn’t mean they’re lazy or careless. They may be trying as hard as they can and need support to improve.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the suitable age group for this program? What is the suitable age group for this program?

This Program is recommended for children in the Age Group: 6 to 13 years.

Are there any assessments in this program? Are there any assessments in this program?

Yes, there is a pre-assessment that helps us understand the requirement of your child and identify the level at which she or he stands at.