Reading Improvement

Our Interactive Reading Program is based on reading science. Improve reading skills with scientifically designed fun games and activities. Get, Set, Read. – Enhance your child’s vocabulary, motor skills, and phonics with our unique program designed by masters and experts.

Age Group
6 to 13 years
6 weeks
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Get Set, Read!
Improve Vocabulary, Phonological awareness, Fluency, and memory function.
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Program Overview

Designed for kids to impart a holistic reading experience which will boost your child’s confidence and enhance their self-expression.
Phonological Awareness
Understanding and recognising sounds of a spoken language. It is a group of skills that help kidslearn their way to read, identify words, rhymes, etc.
Words & Sentences Formation
Sequencing words to form correct meaningful sentences are important for academics as well aseveryday communication.
Building Vocabulary
Learning more words help in communicating a message effectively without being repetitive on thesubject.
Enhance Reading Fluency
Fluency in reading enhances your child’s ability to grasp words. Improves reading accuracy andspeed.
Effective Communication Skills
Helps kids express themselves effectively. They learn to convey their ideas and feeling withutmost clarity.
Build Self-Confidence
Kids need to be confident about their selves. In their learning curve, presentation skills are of greatimportance.


Get Set, Read!

Our scientifically designed reading improvement program is based on the science of reading. Your child will learn their way in to the world of reading with fun games and activities, all for effective learning. Reading is an important skill that involves understanding and comprehending written communication. With our improvement program, your child will learn various aspects of reading with the help of games and interaction.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the suitable age group for this program? What is the suitable age group for this program?

This Program is recommended for children in the Age Group: 6 to 8 years.

Are there any assessments in this program? Are there any assessments in this program?

Yes, there is a pre-assessment that helps us understand the requirement of your child and identify the level at which she or he stands at.