SpEd@home Celebrates Two Years of Redefining Equitable Education for Children with Special Needs


SpEd@home Celebrates Two Years of Redefining Equitable Education for Children with Special Needs

  • 25th September 2022 marks the second anniversary of SpEd@home.
  • SpEd@home to introduce new innovative products at their anniversary event on 28th September 2022.
  • All-new products to assist in delivering children-focused services like – Educational & OT Assessment, Occupational Therapy & Remedial Therapy.
  • New school support programs to be introduced.
  • Aims to drive awareness towards inclusion-ready education practices – #iforinclusion

Mumbai: Formed as a enterprising response to the global requirement of accessible special education solutions for children with differential needs, SpEd@home marks its second anniversary on 25th September 2022. In these two years, SpEd@home has expanded their footprint globally. With a presence in 7 countries, it has supported over 100 schools, trained over 1000 educators, and provided services to over 2000 children. SpEd@home is equipped with a network of 200 global experts and innovative learning management system.

All-new Innovative Learning Management System

On this exciting anniversary celebration, SpEd@home is geared up to launch their all-new learning management system – SPEED 2.0 platform. Its learning management system helps deliver special education services to children. This revolutionary global product will also help schools become inclusion-ready.

Children-focused Service



Services for Teachers and Schools

SpEd@home launched their first pilot program during the pandemic. The pilot program was carried out to understand the awareness and acceptance of online education for special needs. It identified the viability of 1 to 1 education for children considering that most of the parents complained that they weren’t able to perform along with the rest of the class all through the online education that happened during covid. Four advance programs were initiated later which brought a significant improvement in the children’s reading and spelling abilities, also in number sense and data handling.

Speaking about the pilot program, Dr. Dhaval Mody – Founder & CEO, SpEd@home, expressed, “Though most of the children in the pilot that we worked with were able to participate socially and emotionally, there were some who expressed disruptive behaviour. They either had difficulty in compliance, or difficulty in their level of functioning independently and some would often be more defiant and express disruptive behaviour by switching off the monitor or refusing to respond.

Adding to it, Aysel Engineer – Co-Founder, SpEd@home, said, “To support such children we devised a tabletop Occupational Therapy assessment as well as tabletop Occupational Therapy services. With that in place, we saw a significant reduction in these children’s disruptive behaviour and in the subsequent 6 months we saw improvement in these children.”


Speaking about the further actions, Supriya Das – Co-Founder, SpEd@home, expressed, “We decided to enhance our services and we started providing Occupational Therapy equipment to children with special needs right at their homes. This improved the engagement by 40% and we got better results even up to 30% in these children. All of this helped in forming the journey of SpEd@home and how our services could be delivered.”


About SpEd@home:

SpEd@home is a Mumbai-based edtech startup that brings special education products and services to your home. The name is a portmanteau of – Special Education at home.

Founder – Dr. Dhaval Mody and co-founders – Supriya Das and Aysel Engineer, each contribute over two decades of field experience to ensure better access to integrated therapies required for children with special needs. These special education solutions are delivered by their indigenously developed mobile/web application. This application connects the user to a global network of therapists, special educators, and experts. It also features a teacher training and a capacity building program that can help schools become inclusion-ready.

SpEd@home – Every Child EnABLED.


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